How CARM-IF Works

Member companies in the CARM-IF pay an annual fee and provide technical and business resources that join with others to form working groups on a wide range of topics. The Board of Directors approves an annual operating plan for the organization, just as for any other corporation. Leadership of the CARM-IF guide working groups towards specific goals, according to a timeline — again, just as other corporations do for their major programs.

Working groups make an implementer forum work, and their narrow focus assures that work is completed on time. The CARM-IF roadmap describes new capabilities to make it even safer over time.


For important technical and policy decisions, Members have the opportunity to vote their agreement with proposals from the working groups. This motivate the working groups to make underlying conciliatory decisions as necessary to assure overall goals are achieved. Eventually, working together, a platform of business methods and technical specifications is agreed to on which innovation can be built.

This implementer forum, as for so many others, will inspire competition and result in greater public safety, sooner.

In addition to Members and the CARM-IF staff, professionals in Affiliate organizations and other individuals may observe and contribute insights and guidance towards CARM-IF progress. However, only Members of the CARM-IF have the advantage to vote.