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CARM stands for Computer-Aided Risk Management.  CARM involves many existing technologies working together to predict and alert that dangerous conditions exist much earlier than is possible by current strategies that rely primarily on humans for public safety.

The CARM Implementers Forum (CARM-IF™) simplifies how companies from 3 industries work together; technology, insurance, and commercial real estate.  CARM-IF will also attract researchers and eventually fund research into new technologies, products and processes.  New capabilities will come to market according to a roadmap to make it even safer over time.

Role models for CARM-IF include the industry organizations for USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi.  There are 100s of these organizations involved in various aspects of computing, working to simplify and accelerate the availability of new technologies and capabilities.  Other role models include that of the payment card security (PCI-DSS) and green buildings (LEED).

For decades, industry associations across a broad spectrum of industries have fostered continuing education and some also have an agenda to influence government policy for the good of that industry.

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Individuals who are already involved with select other industry associations are welcomed and may apply for association with the CARM Implementer Forum at no charge.