University Student Challenge

Show How to Make the Public Safer

CARM Safety Foundation invites university students to demonstrate key aspects of a new physical safety system. CARM stands for computer-aided risk management.  Sensors are linked with computing nodes via a network. Early signs of potential threats are detected, and decisions made to take action before tragedy occurs.


Students Get Involved !

There are a variety of opportunities for student teams to show what is possible:

  • Connect stand-alone safety devices and threat detectors to a common network so they inter-operate as a cohesive system — A/D interface SBC such as Raspberry Pi, program set-points and with Tiny ML, and Network Integration
  • Program compute nodes to analyze data from sensors and predict threats Data Science, Predictive Analytics
  • Create user interfaces to simplify integration and configuration of sensor network — UX design
  • Produce videos of novel designs, MVPs, and system operation — Video Journalism
    Promote the accomplishments of technical teams to the public — Digital Marketing
The Safety Challenge is all about collaboration.  You will work in a real-world situation and you will be able to demonstrate your value to a larger team.  Get involved and make an impact!

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