Working Groups for Physical Safety

The CARM Safety Foundation is at the threshold of a bold initiative to enhance school safety, and we’re calling for experts to help us lay the groundwork. Our Physical Security Standard awaits your expertise and input. This is a call to action for professionals passionate about making educational spaces safer.

By joining our working groups now, you have the opportunity to directly influence the development of security standards that matter. Your knowledge and experience are crucial in shaping a program that addresses the real-world needs of schools, ensuring a safe learning environment for every child. Together, let’s build this foundation for a safer educational future.

We are seeking volunteers with this experience:

  • Sales engineers and product designers; video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarms
  • Architecture and design of physical security systems
  • Installation and operation of physical security systems
  • Designers and installers of operational technology (OT) and IT systems
  • Designers of business process automation software, especially reporting
  • Auditors and assessors of business compliance with standards
  • School administrators, and operators of physical security in schools
  • Law enforcement and forensic investigators of school tragedies

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