Guidebook for Physical Safety

The Guidebook for Physical Safety supplements the Physical Safety Checklist with a deeper dive and explanation of products, services and processes.  Using the Guidebook will make it faster to use the Checklist.  We developed the Guidebook to also inform and boost your confidence to engage others about the critical topic of physical safety. Even of you do not use the Checklist, we strongly encourage you to download and review the Guidebook.

The Checklist makes it easier to spot gaps in physical safety capabilities. We expect the assessment results will empower and encourage engagement with District leadership.

By downloading the Checklist, you agree to respect our copyright and not use this tool for nefarious purposes. We ask that you provide your email address to confirm consent and where we can send a link for downloading the Checklist. CSF will not share your email address and will only make contact about topics in the physical safety arena that we believe will interest you.