Physical Safety Checklist

The Physical Safety Checklist, crafted with input from safety experts, enables a thorough and swift evaluation of school safety measures. Recognizing the lack of accessible tools in this area, we’ve developed this Checklist to bridge that gap, informed by what specialists deem essential for enhanced school security.

This tool will help identify safety gaps while preparing you to more confidently engage with school district leaders. The knowledge you gain from using the Checklist to more effectively advocate for essential safety upgrades.

Download the Physical Safety Checklist today to become part of the informed movement driving toward more secure schools for our children and teachers.

By downloading the Checklist, you agree to respect our copyright and not use this tool for nefarious purposes. We ask that you provide your email address to confirm consent and where we can send a link for downloading the Checklist. CSF will not share your email address and will only make contact about topics in the physical safety arena that we believe will interest you.