Physical Security Audit Service

Join us at the inception of a groundbreaking journey. The CARM Safety Foundation is exploring the development of a new Audit Service to assess physical security in schools. The current exploratory phase presents a unique opportunity for you to shape the future of new school security standards.

Our approach is to collaborate with industry experts and school districts to scope and plan these new capabilities:

  • Physical Security Standard for schools
  • Training for Certified Security Assessors
  • Audit processes that yields report to guide improvements

Our overall goal is to help school districts enhance their security protocols effectively, more quickly and at lower investment.

By partnering with us now, you have the opportunity to influence the development of a major new program that improves the physical security of educational environments. Together, let’s explore the possibilities and tailor a program that meets the unique needs of schools, and creates new opportunities for compliance assessors and security experts.

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