K-12 Physical Safety Program

Future CARM (computer-aided risk management) capabilities will significantly improve physical safety via automation and a wide range of threat sensors. However, schools need help NOW, and we are accelerating some plans to help improve safety sooner.

Our approach is to educate and equip parents (and teachers) so they may explore the installed safety measures in schools. We do NOT explain how to plan safety systems; instead, we enable parents (and teachers) to substantively express the need for improvements.

We are developing a simple and easy-to-understand process for the general assessment of physical safety capabilities:

    • Physical Safety Checklist — in a few minutes, create your own general assessment
    • Guidebook — learn more about safety products and critical operating procedures

Overall, we intend to empower and energize parents (and teachers) to urge schools to make specific improvements.

We support parents and teachers who want to do their own assessment of physical safety capabilities to become more effective advocates of school safety improvements. It’s not unreasonable to expect that schools will be safe. We are taking steps to help improve school safety.