K-12 Physical Safety Program

Schools need immediate support to improve safety. We’re fast-tracking initiatives to boost safety now. Although future CARM technologies will enhance safety through automation and advanced sensors, our K-12 Program focuses on what is available and what can be done TODAY.

Our effort intends to empower support for improvements by helping people more completely understand existing safety measures in schools. We believe greater understanding will lead to more voter support to fund improvements.

So far, our focus has resulted in a straightforward process for evaluating physical safety:

    • Physical Safety Checklist — perform your own assessment, quickly
    • Guidebook — gain insights into safety equipment and essential procedures

These tools enable parents and teachers to confidently advocate for safety upgrades in schools and more easily understand the benefits of improvements when proposed by school districts.

We stand with those ready to evaluate and champion for better school safety now — continuous improvement is essential. We’re here to help make that a reality.