Foundation Volunteers

Opportunities to Improve Public Safety

The CARM Safety Foundation (CSF) is a non-profit start-up, incorporated in Oregon. Our passion drives us forward to harness technology for greater public safety. This is called computer-aided risk management, or CARM.

As a start-up we operate in a lean manner. Our human resource needs are wide and varied, as with other companies. Individuals may volunteer directly to CSF and companies may also loan resources. We offer an opportunity-rich environment for people to contribute significantly and gain recognition for their contributions and impact. Working with CSF offers you the ability to add major contributions to your CV and move beyond your traditional focus area.

Current opportunities to contribute for public good are shown below. In addition, we encourage you to propose a role for yourself — invent a role that you want to explore or would be especially invigorating for you. Perhaps work with CSF can provide a respite or sabbatical-like experience for you, or a way to feel productive when you are “between jobs”. And, CSF can be a forum for those who have retired or otherwise want to give back to the world around them.

Current Openings: (click the job title to dive deeper into the opportunity).

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Technical program management:

  • With 12-20 years experience (typically in computer systems Engineering or system ingredient Engineering), you will plan CARM-IF strategic direction for technical initiatives, and establish quantitative methods to evaluate program success
  • Or, apply your 5-8 years experience driving technical programs (Engineering, Product Marketing, Operations or Manufacturing) to plan/launch processes and quantitative methods for evaluating programs and success

Digital marketing management:

  • If you enjoy planning messaging strategies, and guiding others who craft content for educating consumers or telling stories about future capabilities (use cases), CARM-IF needs your help, today. In this role, you will have a huge impact.
  • This will be a refreshing situation to apply your 8-10 years digital marketing management experience (at corporate level), or provide a special project for someone on your corporate team. Either way, accomplishments with CARM-IF in the world of digital marketing will shine for all to see.

Community engagement management:

  • We need to thoroughly understand the needs of communities in order to plan accordingly and prioritize for greatest early impact.  Perhaps you are in a community for which greater safety is needed.  It would be natural for you to express community needs and rally others to support CARM-IFs and express future capabilities (use cases) to your community.
  • Or, your community has ideas and inventions which will help expand the solution space for CARM. Gathering fresh insights about possibilities from R&D and other SME audiences is essential to creating a robust technology roadmap for CARM-IF.
  • Whether from a community that needs greater safety or a community with ideas and technical ingredients, we need your 8-10 years business development experience. This role is about developing long-term relationships and is cornerstone of our “by the people, for the people” strategy for shaping CARM to quickly align with the greatest needs.