Revised: October 10, 2018


Who are members?

At this time, while we are recruiting the initial members, we are not mentioning company names. Once the initial group of supporters is in place, we plan to list names of the member companies on this website, in 2019.

Who are people involved?

We do not identify specific people by name. As of this writing, we are working with people involved in technology, business insurance and commercial real estate.  Among the technologists, they span a wide range of technologies including semiconductor design and fabrication, embedded computing and intelligent sensors, networking, encryption and data security, machine learning and predictive analytics.  Most work at product companies, some are university researchers and we are even linked with people at NASA.

How much does membership cost?

There are levels of membership, each with an annual fee. Read more on the Get Involved page. For a specific question about a membership level or annual fee to participate at that level, please send email to our membership administrator.

Can I make a donation (without becoming a member)?

Yes. Note that for donations from individuals, the IRS considers them not tax deductible.  That is because the CARM Implementer Forum operates as a 501c6 corporation rather than 501c3.

How can I help?

CARM-IF seeks resource support from those working in a wide variety of technologies, commercial insurance, and management or owners of commercial property. In most cases, we need program and product managers familiar with products and services in those industries.  Within the space of technology, our needs are diverse from basic sensors (such as GC/MS), including silicon and systems architecture for secure embedded systems.  Experts in capturing intellectual property, driving membership marketing and content development resources are also needed.  Anyone is welcome to help, and you may express your offer to do so by sending an email.

Is CARM-IF registered with IRS as tax exempt?

Our application with the IRS is pending (Form 1024), and we are operating according to their requirements in anticipation of approval in 2019.

In what state is CARM-IF registered?

The CARM Implementer Forum (CARM-IF) corporation is registered in State of Oregon, as are many other implementer forums (USB, for example).

When can I see CARM demo?

We are busy making plans for an initial demo, using products which are already available, in early 2019. This will NOT be compliant with CARM-IF specifications, rather a proof of concept.

Why is the GeoTrust seal shown?

GeoTrust is the provider we chose for a SSL certificate used on our site. Using an SSL cert affords greater data security and confirms to the latest requirements of companies providing most web browsers.  We chose the highest level of security called Extended Validation which required GeoTrust to verify CARM-IF is legitimate. Showing the seal on our site is one way to assure visitors and supporters that working with us is safe.

Will CARM expand spying on people?

The technologies behind CARM will be architected and configured to monitor a wide variety of conditions. By no means is this technology or its configuration directed at people.  CARM enables a very elementary level of data capture and not associated with a single individual.  The data captured by CARM will be processed by computing systems to detect unsafe conditions due to the presence of a wide variety of substances, or actions.

What is the privacy policy?

The Privacy page gives a full statement; click here.