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CARM Safety Foundation is aligned with the interest and strategies of CARM Implementers Forum. A separate company, operating as a non-profit 501(c)(3), CARM Safety Foundation provides a convenient way to support efforts by CARM Implementers Forum and other organizations to improve public safety through new uses of technology. Supporting the CARM Safety Foundation will help expand research and accelerate new technology to improve public safety.

Establishing CARM Safety Foundation came at the suggestion of many individuals and corporate foundations who wanted to support improvements in public safety.

Donations to CARM Safety Foundation are deductible on income tax returns as are other contributions to charity.

If you would like to volunteer or advise CARM Safety Foundation, please send email to address shown below.

Contact Information:

CARM Safety Foundation
921 SW Sixth Ave., Suite 3088
Portland, OR 97204
tel:   971-220-6788
email:   contact@carmsafetyfoundation.org