Essential Insights about Making People Safer

The following items were selected to frame the current situation that the CARM Implementer Forum will address and also some of the methods we will employ. We hope this helps companies understand how CARM-IF is aligned with their corporate socially responsibility objectives and enable a safer environment for their employees and customers.

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More and Smarter Sensors Are Coming, — July, 2018

Non-technical discussion of how aircraft manufacturers are employing more and more sensors to make air travel safer, even has aircraft are operating at higher performance levels.  Click here to read.

Smarter, Safer Bridges With Sensors, — July, 2018

Recent R&D advances allow detection of cracks in welds and structural elements from remote monitoring location, for greater public safety.  Click here to read.

Power Grid Cybersecurity Tool uses Machine Learning and Sensors to Detect Threats, TechRepublic — March, 2018

A great example of employing latest computing technology to anticipate threats, based on real-time gathering of operational data. Click here to read. 

7 Use Cases For Data Science And Predictive Analytics, — Jan, 2018

Easy to read examples of how computers are making predictions to better serve customers.  Click here to read.

Machine That Analyses Art Can also be Used to Solve Crime, — December, 2017

University research suggests that expanded use of a sophisticated forensics system can solve more crimes, faster and with less investment.  Click here to read.

Sensors Facilitate Health Monitoring, Sensors Online — April, 2011

Describes some early examples of how sensors are used in patient health services.  Click here to read.

Sensors, Wireless Tech Help States Monitor Troubled Bridges, — July, 2014

Examples of monitoring structures in several U.S. locations, for greater public safety.  Click here to read.

Wireless Explosives Detector Is the Size of a Postage Stamp, Wired — Feb, 2015

An innovative capability not yet in broad use.  CARM-IF seeks to accelerate products to market.  Click here to read.